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How to implement the Exchange Split Permissions Model?

This blog post will be targeted for organizations that are still operating with On-Premises Exchange servers. Exchange has always been an interesting piece, since it’s so tightened within AD. This can introduce security challenges as well. In this blog post, we will cover how we can implement the Exchange Split Permission Model to reduce the chance of an Exchange compromise

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Revisiting Constrained Delegation

Constrained Delegation was introduced in Windows Server 2003 as an improved and more secure version of Unconstrained Delegation. Constrained Delegation allows admins to limit the services to which an impersonated account can connect to. It is using two Kerberos extensions to allow impersonation to only specific services. S4U2Self: An service can request a forwardable Service Ticket on behalf of any

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Start having visibility in service accounts with defender for identity

Defender for Identity is a cloud-based security solution that leverages On-Premises Active Directory signals to identify and detect threats. It monitors Domain Controllers by capturing its network traffic to leverage it with Windows event logs to analyse data for attacks that might occur on a network. Once the sensor of Defender for Identity has been installed on all the Domain

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