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Revisiting Constrained Delegation

Constrained Delegation was introduced in Windows Server 2003 as an improved and more secure version of Unconstrained Delegation. Constrained Delegation allows admins to limit the services to which an impersonated account can connect to. It is using two Kerberos extensions to allow impersonation to only specific services. S4U2Self: An service can request a forwardable Service Ticket on behalf of any

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Everything about Service Principals, Applications, and API Permissions

Service Principals are identities used by created applications, services, and automation tools to access specific resources. It only needs to do specific things, which can be controlled by assigning the required API permissions. The majority of organizations that work a lot with Azure AD, have service principals as well. Every time when an application has been registered. It will automatically

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What I have learned from doing a year of Cloud Forensics in Azure AD

Today I would like to share my experience with doing Cloud forensics in Azure AD. I’ve been working for over a year with Azure Active Directory, and have primary focused on the different security aspects of it. One of my main focus has been doing Cloud forensics, which I will tell more about. I was always interested in understanding, where

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Why are Windows Defender AV logs so important and how to monitor them with Azure Sentinel?

Today we are going to talk about our good old friend or better known as Windows Defender AV. Not to confuse with the EDR solution that’s called ”Defender for Endpoint”. Windows Defender is the traditional out of the box antivirus for a Windows machine. In this blog post, we are going to explain why it is relevant to keep an

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